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Many friends and neighbors are in need of routine medical care, but are unable to afford it. Some may not have insurance benefits at work, or are unable to afford the benefits that are offered. Others may be in a transitional stage, temporarily out of work or without insurance, yet do not qualify for medical assistance through government programs.

The Western Upper Peninsula Healthcare Access Coalition (WUPHAC) is a non-profit organization established in response to the growing problem of access to affordable and quality healthcare by the uninsured. Through its Medical Access Program, eligible uninsured people can access limited medical services donated by local physicians, hospitals and clinics. These services include routine office visits to primary care physicians and specialists, limited diagnostic lab testing and x-rays, and a generic pharmacy program.

WUPHAC's Medical Access Program is not an insurance, government, or welfare program, but rather a network of donated services by local healthcare providers. WUPHAC takes responsibility for the administrative coordination of the program and connects those who are qualified with these donated services. For those who do not qualify for the program, WUPHAC staff helps them by making referrals to other agencies.